Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

As the Too Faced “Chocolate Bar” palette is becoming quite a classic, and i’m an addict to Too Faced products, I really wanted to do a review of it. The palette launched back in 2013 as the first palette of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Collection, which now holds the “Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar“, “Chocolate Bon Bons“, “White Chocolate Bar“, “Chocolate Gold” and the two smaller ones called “Matte Chocolate Chip” and “White Chocolate chip“. So yeah, a lot has happened since the launch, but the original Chocolate Bar is still being raved about and has become a Too Faced “golden star” since it first hit the shelves.

The packaging: The inspiration for the palette is said to come from the co-founder, Jerrod Blandinos, trip to a Hawaiian spa, where he learned about the benefits of cocoa, such as it being a source to antioxidants. As a result, the packaging looks just like a chocolate bar (although made of metal, so don’t try to eat it) and when you open it, you’ll get infused with a lovely cocoa scent. For some, this might seem unnecessary (which it totally is), but i’ll admit that it does smell really good and definitely not in a heavy, headache-way that you might fear. I believe it is a very light, not to mention delicious, chocolate smell. Also, I love this innovative idea which makes the, otherwise “ordinary” starting point (a neutral eyeshadowpalette) a lot more exiting and fun. Even though I sometimes thinks that Too Faced can be a biiit childish in their layout (which is great if I were a bit younger than I am, but i’m not), this palette really got my at first sight. Maybe it’s because I just love chocolate or maybe Too Faced is just brilliant at branding themselves. Nevertheless, I honestly love the packaging:

The practical stuff: Now, lets take a look inside. In the palette, you’ll get 16 shades both matte, sheen, metallic and glittery. Two of shades has larger pans (weights 2,2 g) than the rest (weights 0,95 g). The palette itself is on the heavier side (weights 4,4 g), however, I don’t see that as a problem. Actually, in a weird way, I feel like it resembles good quality in some way? I have no idea why. Anyway, the palette contains a mirror which is great if you’re traveling with it. Although, I tend to use an external mirror, it’s still nice to have it in there. The palette costs 49 £ and can be bought here at, at a Too Faced counter or in Sephora.

The formula: Most of the shades have a very creamy texture and are very easy to work with and blend. The metallic ones in particular blends very well and has a lot of pigmentation. On the other hand, some of the glitter shadows are a bit more dry and does not come of as pigmeneted as I hoped for. Also, ahtough most of the mattes are just eyeshadow-heaven, some of them did come of a bit patchy. However, these are overall very nice and high quality shades. Below you’ll see the colour pay off of each shade which are swatched only once:
The shades: Lets get a little deeper into the different shades. The shades ranges from light to dark so there’s a lot of possibilites when it comes to creating different looks from this palette. Most of the shades are kept in a neutral colour range, however, there’s a couple of shades that stands out as more purple. This means, that the palette offers a good variety of colours for both everyday use and more “formal” use. Overall, I really think Too Faced hit it just right with these shades, they’re neutral, but each still very interesting and useable. The majority of the shades are to the neutral side so let’s take a look at those first:

White Chocolate: Is one of the larger shades in the palette. It is a very light, matte, beige shade. It swatches nicely and is perfect as a base for your all of your looks (which is why I believe it’s in a larger pan).

Milk Chocolate: Is a standard, matte light brown shade, not too warm not too cold, which makes it a perfect transition shade. It swatched beautifully and very true to the brown we see in the palette. Can also be used to create a bit of depth and definition in your crease.

Tripple Fudge: Is the darkest shade in the palette. The swatch was quite dissapointing as the colour came of as very patchy. Therefore, I will not recommend using this shade on the lid. Instead, use it as a liner on your lower or upper lash line. Optionally, use a small and thin brush in order to imitate that thin eyeline and a damped brush for the pigmentation to show.

Salted Caramel: Reminds me a bit of “Milk Chocolate” when swacthed and goes very well together. Matte as well, although a lot lighter and more peachy. Has the same beautiful, creamy and pigmented swatch and is great as a transition colour. Also works good all over the lid as a warmer base.

Marzipan: Is one of my favourite shades in this palette. Is is a pearly, metallic very light rosegold-ish shade that has a perfect balance between a warm and cold nuance. I like to use this all over the lid – especially good for a cut crease and an inner corner highligt as it is very luminous. The swatch is so pretty and pigmented.

Semi-sweet: Is one of the darker, matte brown shades in the palette. and is the one that reminds me most of a real choclate colour. It has a lot of pigmentation and is ideal for a soft smokey eye. Works very well the other neutral shades in the palette.

Hazelnut: Is a warm metallic, glittery shade, almost coppery when swatched. I love this shade as it is such a soft, beautiful brown that can be used in an everyday look to just spice things up without being too much glittery.

Créme Brulee: Is a ligther, more golden version of “Hazelnut”. The swatch is great as well. Works very well with all shades in the palette. I really like this shade as it is not just an ordinary gold metallic – it has a bit more “rust” to it which I believe is so beautiful. This is one of my favourite shades to use in this palette. I usually use it on the lower lash line or on half of the lid (starting form the inner corner).

Haute chocolate:Is in the same metallic-category as “Hazelnut” and “Créme Brulee”, although a bit more cool toned. Works just as well and has a very nice swatch.

Champagne Truffle: Is the other larger shade in the palette, however this is a metallic, pearly-rose one. It comes of as very pigmented. I usually use this in the inner corner and as a brow highlighter. The best thing about this shade is that it can be used as a bomb highlighter on the face as well!

Now, the colours that stands out a bit more are:

Gilded Ganache: Is a metallic forest green with a hint of golden shimmer. However, it comes off as a more dark brown when swatch though. The formula is to the more dry side, but that’s not a bad thing, I believe, because it’s still extremely pigmented. It has a bit of fallout as well, so at least remember to tap the excess off before applying.

Black Forest Truffle: Is a deep bordeaux/burgundy with golden shimmer in it. Also to the more dry side, however, this comes of quite patchy which is quite disappointing at first – it definitely needs a couple of layers to show its opacity, but when that’s done it is such a beautiful shade.

Strawberry Bon Bon: Is a colour that I was very exited about but turned out to be the most disappointing shade in the whole palette. It is a light prette-in-pink matte shade. I’d really hoped that it would come off as a very pigmented, creamy shade to use in the inner crease, however that’s not the case. It is almost invisible and non-existent. I honestly don’t know how to ever use this colour.

Candied Violet: Is a light purple/blue shade with pink glitter. The shade itself is very beautiful and interesting, however, in continuation of the glitter shades, this one is pretty dry as well. Moreover, it does not come off as pigmented as in the palette which is also quite disappointing. It can be fixed bit with a damped brush, although it’s not that optimal.

Amaretto: Is a metallic shade, similar to “Haute Chocolate” although in a more burgundy colour. The swatch is beautiful as well. It’s perfect together with “Black Forrest Truffle” and “Cherry Cordial”.

Cherry Cordial: Is a shade that I expected to be similar in texture to the other matte shades in the palette, however it’s not. It is a darker sahde with a hint of glitter – apparently that follows a more dry formula in this palette so that the shade does not come of as beautiful as expected (it’s more patchy). This can be helped by the use of a damp brush though and the colour is still very pretty.

All in all: If you’re looking for a great overall go-to palette with neutral shades – this is the one! There are so many possibilities with this palette as it has a wide shade range. The formula is very high-quality as well, although most of the glittershades needs a little help with a damped brush (however, that also depends on which kind of look your going for). Considered the price, I believe it is very fair as you definitely get value for money here. Theres definitely more positive things to say about this palette than bad:

Good things:

You’ll get a variety of interesting neutral shades for every skin tone.

You can create both everyday and evening looks.

The formula is very high-quality.

You’ll get 16 colours at a very decent price.

Less good things:

The packaging (including the scent) might not be everyones cup of tea.

Some of the glitter shades does not swatch as expected.

Buy the palette here at

Still in doubt? Check my instagram (@jullelin) out for looks I made with this palette!

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, I bought the product myself.


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