Greasy eyeshadow? Here’s a tip!

Do you know that feeling when you leave your home feeling fabulous and ready to seize the day because your eyemakeup is on fleek? Yup. Do you also know that feeling when you look at your non-existing, not-so-fabulous eyemakeup in the mirror two hours later? … And not having a rescue-kit on hands?

No. 1 rule when applying eyeshadow and ensuring your beautiful look: Prime, prime and prime!

Primers comes in liquids, sprays, creams ect. Almost every makeup brand with respect for themselves has some kind of a primer in the assortment. So, it can be very difficult, not to mention and expensive affair, to find the right one.

I used to deal with greasy eyeshadow just a few hours after applying shadow, even though I used primer. Now, I say “used to” because I found myself a little, life-long (hopefully, I don’t even know what to do if it ever gets discuntinued) helper. After desperately tryng on God knows how many eyeshadow primers, from highend to drugstore, I bought another one that was a totalt game changer:

The NYX “Proof It!” waterproof eyeshadowprimer. 

It is a liquid and only takes two seconds to apply, and it will save the day (or at least your eyemakeup). Few seconds after applying it, it gets a bit sticky, but no worries. It’s like a glue for your shadow that will make it last all day.

Bonus: The primer itself lasts for months, even years! I’m only halfway trough my second bottle and i’ve been using this primer for two years – still works just as good! Even better, it is very cheap as well. What’s not to like?

This post is not sponsored – honestly, I just feel like this primer is not being talked about enough! Let’s spread the news and help each other out!

You can buy the primer online here.


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