Review: Too Faced Clover Palette

Back in fall 2017 Too Faced launched the “Clover Palette” in honour of the co-founders chihuahua who goes by the name “Clover” (which also happens to be the brand mascot). Moreover, Too Faced donated 250.000 $ to the Best Friends Animal Society when the palette was launched (also, the palette is cruelty free, although not appropriate for vegans). The palette is meant to be limited edition, however, as I am writing this review in july 2018 and the palette is still being sold, I wonder if they’ve might changed that.
In this post I’ll share my thoughts on it, including swatches. So let’s get to it!

Let’s be honest here… When I first saw the Too Faced Clover Palette I just thought “why?” – I know Too Faced is known for their fancy, funny and innovative packaging but this time I believe they went overboard, and I could never in a million years see me buy it (although I am very fond of some of the other palettes and Too Faced in general). The packaging was just… Not me (an understatement actually). I do not think it is cute – waaay too childish and reminded me of a children pencil case (come on, we’re not five anymore (or you might be, I don’t know about that)). But maybe that is just me, in accordance with my Scandinavian roots I am quite a minimalist. So because the packaging were just all over the place (even for Too Faced) I did not care too much about the palette at first.

Also, looking at the colours, they were just completely off as well I thought at first. Very limited and difficult to create an entire look with. However, being overwhelmed with neutrals and nudes for the past 100 years, I started looking after something different. I came across the palette again and began to see the potential of it (although it took me some time to unite with the design of the palette, must say). So with a little help from my friend who lives in London, I got my hands on the palette (unfortunately, you can only buy the palette online here at or at their one and only store at Carnaby Street in Soho, London).

When that’s said… THANK YOU, Too Faced for creating something different! I get that if you want a go-to palette from which you can create a lot of looks without using other palettes, this is not the one for you. Honestly. Because you can’t, really – well… Of course you can, but it might not work that well in my opinion.

Surprisingly the palette does not have a scent! I can’t decide whether that’s a good or a bad thing, I’ll leave that to you.

In the palette you’ll get 10 shimmer shades and 8 matte shades, both cold and warm tones that has a very soft feel. Thankfully, all the shades are new. Too Faced is known for repeating some of their shades into new palettes which I believe is just “the easy way out”. So thank you Too Faced for not doing that this time around.

Looking individually at the colours, there are some hidden gems that will look stunning and really alllow you to be creative – it’s gotten way too easy to just put on a neutral brown smokey eye if you ask me (although I am definitely guilty on this one, and can’t deny – a neutral brown smokey eye is always elegant and reliable). However, make-up is for fun so let’s not forget to also explore and be curious!

Of course there are some colours in the palette which are more anonymous, if that’s more you (although they still have a twist and are not quite like any other neutrals on the market I believe). So let’s take a look at those first (not to scary you away completely):

I believe the more neutral colours are:

Puppy Eyes: This was one of the colours that looked beautifully in the palette, howwever it did not turn up that well on my skin as the pigmentation almost disappears. It definitely won’t be able to stand alone if you want it to “pop”, although you can use it as a glitter-topcoat.

I Ruff You: This colour had a fine swatch. It is a very light, pearly shade and is perfect for highlighting browbone or the inner corner.

Cuteness Overload: This shade is similar to “I Ruff You”, although this is even more pearly and a little more golden. The swatch was very pretty, and can also be used as an inner corner/browvone highlighter. This colour goes very well with “Puppy Eyes” and “I Ruff You” if you want to create a light, eye-opening, glitter look. One of my favourites in the palette.

Paw Print: A matte colour which swatched ok. A little bit of patchiness, although a very prette colour. Can be used in the crease to create a bit of depth or all over the eyelid. Works very well with “I Ruff You” and “Cuteness Overload”.

Chihuahua: So, in the palette there’s not really an ideal transition shade, however, “chihuahua” is the clostest as we get, I believe. It is a bit more to the yellow/brown side than what I would usually prefer for my skintone, however it swatches okay and works very well together with “Fur Baby”.

Fur Baby: Is one of the more neutral, matte, everyday-shade that you can use for a soft, brown smokey-eye or beneath the lower lashes. It swatced fine as well.

Cuddle Buddy: Is a matte, mauve shade. Works very well together with “Paw Print” and the lighter neutral shades in the palette. It did turn up a bit patchy on bare skin, but is very pretty once blended out in the crease.

#SaveThemAll: Is one of the darker, shimmery shades is the palette. Definetely pretty, but a lot of fall out (I had to clean the palette for the photos)! It swatches very nice, but be carfull when using it (remember to get the excess off before applying. Works well for a smokey eye or underneath the lower lashes.

Ruh Roh: Same goes for this colour, although it swatches even better than “#SaveThemAll”. I love a metallic colour so this one is right down my alley! It has a bit of a mauve nuance, and goes well with “Cuddle Buddy” and “Paw Print”.

Okay… Now, moving on to the fun stuff! These colours might not work very well with the rest of the palette, but individually they can really spice up your look… The best of it? It does not have to be difficult (I’ll give you some examples). And honestly, you do not have to go all in if that’s not your thing.

… And the more interesting (if you ask me) are:

Lucky Clover: Is definitely one of the more interesting, eye-catching shades in the palette. It is matte with a hint of sheen. It swatched okay, but not as pigmented as I hoped. Although, it is beautiful as a lower lash colour and along with the more light, neutral shades in the palette without being too dominant.

Best Friends: This colour is one of the primary reasons i fell in love with the palette! OMG. It is SO beautiful! Is is a duochrome, very pigmented and has one of the best swatches. Perfect for a night out! But can also be used as a lower lash shade with a more neutral eye-look in order to create a bit of a “twist”. Definitely one of the stars in the palette!

Love is Love: Is a lighter, pink, matte shade. Swatches well, although a bit patchy. Beautiful over the lid along with “Daddies ♥ Me” if you feel brave. Can also be used very lightly to create just a bit of colour along with the lighter, more neutral shades.

Daddies ♥ Me: Is one of the colours I was looking ver forward to try on. It has such a pretty berry-tone to it, although it came off as very pathchy when swached (see picture below). So this was quite disappointing. However, it gets much better when you work with it, and is good for some depth in the crease together with “Love is Love”.

Wet Kisses: Somehow I kind of overlooked this colour at first, but it turned out to be one of the nicest surprises in the palette. It is such a beautiful, metallic orange/copper shade and the swatch is just heaven! I used it at the outside of the eyelid together with “Spoiled” in the inner corner. Reminded me a bit of the Urban Decay Beached Palette, although more orange. Very pretty!

TF Mascot: This one is for the brave. A very beautiful galaxy-ish purple, glitter/sheen shade that swatched beautifully (I honestly don’t know how to explain this better). It stands out in the palette and to be honest… I find it difficult to match with the other shades. “Love is Love” and “Daddies ♥ Me” is the closest we get, I believe. Although, if you’re going for a really creative eye-look, “Good Boy” would be perfect! Also, a white glittery shade would be very pretty with this one!

Spoiled: This was one of the colours that I was really excited about as well cause I did not have one similar in my collection. This glittery, metallic clear turquoise shadow reminds me of a bounty island and swatched very nicely. One thing I noticed is that once it has been on the eyes, it turns out a bit more green (I don’t know if that’s just my eyes that are a bit green and therefore “catches” the green in the shadow, it is a turquoice pigment after all). I used it together with a dampend brush to get the pigment to really “pop”. It works very well together with “Wet Kisses” since the colours compliments each other.

Woof: This one I was least exited about as I don’t really use black eyeshadow. However, I like that there’s a bit of glitter in it. The swatch was not that great and it came of quite patchy. Therefore I will recommend using it as a liner for a softer look instead of an actual eyeliner.

Good Boy: One of the really interesting colours in the palette. Swatch was great, although a bit more of a “dusty” yellow instead of a very fresh yellow – which has its possibilities as well. Can be used along with “Spoiled” to enhance the yellow colour, or “Love is Love”, for a fun, fresh summer-vibes look.

Now, lets take a look at the colours using one one swatch (The above photos shows how the pigmentation was on each colour useing several swatches.). As you can see, some of the colours definitely perform better than others. In general, the darker and more metallic colours swatched better than the lighter colours. Esepcially “Best Friends”, “Ruh Roh”, “Wet Kisses”, “Spoiled”, “TF Mascot” and “#SaveThemAll” swatched beautifully! Most of the mattes turned up very fine as well. Those that swatched ok or not that great were: “Puppy Eyes”, “Chihuahua”, “Daddies ♥ me” and “Woof”. These pigments might need a bit of help using a damp brush when used.

So, lets catch up on it all… You can create numerous beautiful eye-catching looks from this palette. Although, as mentioned, this one is not for you if you want a go-to palette. A minus is that it might not be enough using this palette alone – however, you decide which look you want to go for, there are no rules. Also, some of the shades need a little help with a damped brush to get the pigmentation to really come forward. Nevertheless, most of the shades swatched beautifully with plenty pigmentation and the formula is so velvety and easy to work with. All in all, I believe this is a really fun palette that is perfect if you’re looking for someting different (in a good way).

Good things:

You’ll get a palette with beautiful, interesting and refreshing colours.

The formula is very high-quality.

You’ll get 18 shades at a very decent price.

Less good things:

The packaging might not be everyones cup of tea.

Its not an ideal go-to palette if you are more into neutral shades.

You might need other shadows to create an entire look.

Buy the palette here at

Still in doubt? Check my instagram (@jullelin) out for looks I made with this palette!

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, I bought the product myself.


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