“Watermelon Vibes” – Makeup look

Hi there! Recently, I made this look using the Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Palette (check out the review that I did on this beautiful one here – it’s in danish btw). Anyways, thought I’d share the details with you! I absolutely love this gorgeous palette, not to mention the smell of it which is just […]

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Review: Too Faced White Chocolate Bar

Som den Too Faced-enthusiast jeg er, var jeg mildest talt meget spændt da Jerrod Blandino, grundlægger af Too Faced, tilbage i sommeren 2017 teasede den kommende “White Chocolate Bar” på sin Instagram. Paletten er en del af Too Faced chokoladebar-familien, der også indeholder de forløberne Too Faced “Chocolate Bar“, “Semi-sweet Chocolate Bar“, “Chocolate Bon Bons” […]

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